Deciphering Your Cat’s Meows

There are a lot of reasons why a cat frequently uses their vocal chords or simply put, meows. It could be as basic as being hungry or can be as complicated as being old or getting stressed out. As a cat owner, for sure, you have experienced hearing your cat meow excessively. At times, it can be very difficult to really decipher what your cat’s meows are all about. This short article will list down some of the most common reasons why your cat maybe meowing excessively.

• Your cat just needs all of your attention.
A cat can be in need of some attention when it wants to have a playing partner or is already that bored. Do not be quick to respond to the meowing of your cat. It is highly recommended that you only provide them the kind of attention that they need after they have stopped doing some meowing. If it so happens that your cat continues meowing, you can try walking away for a short time and then coming back if you think that it has already calmed down.

Even so, walking away from your cat must only be done when their meowing is really done excessively. You can prevent getting a lot of meows from our cat when you make sure to set aside some of your time to spend some quality time with them every single day. Take the time to play with them so that your cat can also get the right amount of exercise that it needs. Again, you can ignore your cat when it meows most of the time and only reward them when they become calmer.

• Your cat could be sick.
If your cat is sick, it will at times be meowing at you excessively. Bear in mind that meowing can be the only means of communication among cats to their cat owners. Though cats are not too obvious in their aliments, if they meow excessively while not having any interest in food, these are enough signs that tell you that your cat may have an illness that need your quick attention.

Meowing excessively can be a sign of urinating problems, kidney disease, thyroid problems, and many more. If your cat has recently been meowing too much with having loss of appetite, then you better take them to their veterinarian as soon as you can.

• Your cat could be hungry.
Most cats will meow if they need some food. If their cat bowl is empty, then most likely they will tell you this by meowing excessively. As a cat owner, make sure to get your car regular wet food. In addition, you can surprise them by getting canned food.

Be sure to keep your cat well fed at regular intervals. And do not forget to ensure that their water bowls are full.

• Your cat could be stressed.
Your cat becomes stressed out when you introduce something new to your home such as new people, new animals, and many more. If during these changes your cat excessively meows at you, this could mean that they are not just happy with the happenings. Since your cat will not directly tell you their dislikes, you can do your part in recognizing what unusual behaviors your cat is showing such as meowing excessively when new changes come into the picture.