Eco-friendly Tips to Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

Will ants ever be absent in your home or in your lives? This is never possible, and it seems that every person will have to agree with this one. One of the reasons will have to be because they are just everywhere. Even so, you have to agree with the fact that not everyone is too keen on living with these creatures. They are known to wreak havoc once they become aggressive. Not only are they capable of destroying your food and your property but also, they are capable of biting you.

No matter how much you keep them away from your home, thy will just find another way to come back or other colonies of ants will still invade your home. Fortunately, there are some measures that you can take that will keep them away from your property for the most time. There are different types of ants out there. Carpenter ants are one of them, and they are well known for being one of the more dangerous ant species. The reason being is that they are very effective at destroying any valuable wooden property of yours. Fortunately, there are natural or eco-friendly ways that you can try that will help you get rid of these carpenter ants for good.

If you are after getting rid of carpenter ants effectively and in the most natural of ways, you have to first take note of some unique characteristics that this ant species possesses.

Basically, this type of ant is considered as one of the largest ant species there are. They come in black as well as reddish brown colors. Their length can range between 1/2” and 3/4”. They have one node on their back while their thorax is round. They come with a pair of antennae in elbow angle. This is a particular characteristic that makes them very much different from termites. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They only make tunnels inside woods so they can make their nest. They go for woods that are moist and warm to breed ants and lay their eggs. They are after eating anything rich in protein and sugar. Any substance that is produced using sugar attract these ants.

So, what are the natural methods of getting rid of these carpenter ants?
• Pouring water into their hive is one of the most common natural methods of getting rid of them that is effective. You just have to locate their hive, enlarge its opening, and then pour either cold or hot water into it. Ensure to fill the entire hive with water. You can put lemon juice into the mix for better results.
• Another method of getting rid of them is to remove the whole of the rotten wood that they have infected. This is a good method if the infected area in your home is not that important and is just a small one.
• Make food sources that attract these ants unreachable. Be sure to always keep your kitchen sinks and bathrooms dry and clean as well every time you use them.
• The use of neem oil is also a good way of controlling these ants in your property. This bio oil is non-toxic so you will not have to worry about putting at risk the health of any pets or young children in your home.
• You can also use corn products to control them because they cannot digest corn. Corn powder often expands when after they eat corn, they drink water. And this often results to their death.