Everything You Need to Know and More About Bees

Despite being based on reality, some movies can be quite frustrating as they are often far from factual with the likes of historical events and even animal interactions. Just take a look at the popular animation movie, Bee Movie. In this film, a young male bee decides to live a life that is beyond what the beehive has to offer. He then decides to leave the hive to join other male bees that collect pollen. This made him leave behind the other male and female bees in the hive to turn into honey the pollen they have collected.

This is not the reality at all when it comes to these animals. It is actually the female bees that search for pollen and leave the hive. The males, on the other hand, are left to take the role of drones to do some hive work. The plot of Bee Movie would have been better if this tiny bit of fact has not been misrepresented. But of course, what is done is done, and this short article will not dwell on it.

Now, going back to the truth about bees, you should know that they are responsible for producing honey. Honey is considered as nature’s perfect food since time immemorial. For modern-day consumers, honey-based products and bee pollen products are becoming popular now more than ever.

• What are bee pollen products?
Female bees leave the hive to search for pollen coming from different flower species. Once they return, male worker bees take the pollen and pack it into granules and add nectar or honey. This is food for the bees. Humans are known to harvest this bee pollen that also comes by the name of ambrosia or bee bread. What makes bee pollen interesting will have to be the fact that each batch is different. The composition of the pollen is not the same since female bees collect pollen from various sources.

• What are the bee pollen products that humans make?
The most popular bee pollen products of today are bath and body products that are composed of bee pollen. They include shampoo as well as products for exfoliation and moisturizing.

• What are honey-based products?
As mentioned above, honey is well known for being nature’s perfect food. Even Biblical records mention people consuming honey even at the start of time. In the present, honey is consumed by people as condiment on ice cream and on bread. Some even consume it on its own. It is even being used as sweetener in honey barbecue. And one honey-based product that is very much popular is honey mustard.

All bees produce honey; however, only honey that is made by honey bees can be eaten by humans. Bees apply a certain process for them to create honey and then store them in their honeycombs to serve as their food. Other honey-based products that you should know include mead and honey, obviously. Beers of today even utilize it as their flavoring ingredient. It is even used as an ingredient for aromatic candles.

• So, why are bees important?
Though most people find the sounds that bees make annoying, they play a significant role in the lives of humans. Without bees, you will not be able to enjoy your daily does of honey and the many honey products that you get from their hard work of collecting pollen from flowers. Besides collecting pollen, they also help pollinate flowers to ensure their survival.