Maintaining an Atmosphere of Coexistence Between Your Furry and Winged Pets

Anywhere you look, there is diversity from the people that you see, the plants, to the different animals around you. In terms of animals, nature has concocted its own rules between preys and predators. Though the both of them can co-exist in one environment, each of them is born with innate traits that make them survive against one another. For example, predators need preys to feed on them while preys also possess qualities that let them protect themselves from predators. Troubles often arise when humans disturb the natural order of these animals.

You can expect more or less the same situation when you decide to keep different pets in one place such as your home. Take, for example, bringing home beautiful birds to live with your dogs or cats. Though you have acquired all the necessary tips and guidelines in taking care of your furry pets to keep them as tamed as possible, just the sight of a prey simply turns them wild and untamed. They even come to the point of killing and eating your sweet and beautiful bird.

Do you have cats and see them hunting birds on the trees found in your garden? Or do you have dogs that love to chase birds in the meadow just to catch them and hold them? If the answer to either or both questions are yes, can you ever imagine having both of these animals live under the same roof with their opposing traits? Of course, you can. It is never an offense to be keeping birds and your cats and/or dogs together in one place. The key to their successful coexistence all lies on your being able to apply proper precautions in keeping the both of these pets of different nature all under one roof.

• Keep both pets in contact: Keeping your pet bird from being attacked by your dog or cat can be done if you do not separate them entirely. While birds love to socialize, dogs and cats will come to develop a sense of liking your pet bird when they see it daily. Just be sure that when you keep them in contact, you will be able to maintain some safe distance between the two. You should still keep your birds from a sturdy cage that you can hang on a secure location. It should be able to resist attacks coming from stronger pets such as your cats or dogs.

• Always keep your birds safe: Always keep the cage of your bird situated in a place that would be difficult for your other pets to reach. Ensure that they are hung in a secure manner and does not easily fall down once knocked. You may not always expect your dogs or cats to immediately attack your pet birds at first sight; however, it is better to eb safe than sorry.

• Avoid leaving both pets together unattended: When you come to the point of forgetting the laws of nature and thinking that your pets of different nature have now developed a bond, you might want to think again. Keep in mind that your pet birds openly playing with your cats and dogs may become annoying in an instant for no reason. When on the part of your dog or cat they feel that it is reasonable to attack your pet bird, then nothing can stop them no matter how friendly the both of them have been in the past.