Practical Ways to Get Rid of Pet Hairs

Pets shed their hair regularly, and usually, you find them just about anywhere in your own house if you have some pets inside. Though they are a normal occurrence among pets, these small hairs can sometimes annoy you the most once they go deep into your furniture, carpets, couches, and even your clothing. Pet hairs are not just unattractive to look at but also they bring about a number of health conditions for most people such as respiratory allergies. For young children, they can have a damaging impact to their respiratory system at just a tender age.

Worry not, there are actually some ways in which you can get rid of these pet hairs successfully from your clothing and furniture at home. Listed down are some practical ways to say buh-bye to pet hairs.

1. Vacuum cleaner
Of course, this piece of device comes in very handy when you have pets living inside of your home. It is effective in cleaning a large area of your home that is covered with pet hairs. Vacuum cleaners work well for cleaning your large couches, blinds, and carpets at home. A lot of vacuum cleaner manufacturers ensure to provide home owners with additional attachments to their devices for proper removal of pet hairs from hard-to-reach places. You can use two specialized attachments for dealing with carpets and other larger flat surfaces. On the other hand, for hanging pieces that have gaps such as curtains, you can use a sucking tube for them.

2. Tapes or rollers
Among the other two methods, this is the most basic and cheapest method there is for removing pet hairs effectively. For uneven surfaces such as your clothing, this is the best method that you can use. You just have to move the roller back and forth in the affected area until you have removed all the pet hairs. Just be sure to remove the piece that has already been covered by pet hairs. You then proceed in using another sticky piece to work your way through your clothing.

The same technique can be applied with the use of scotch tapes, duck tapes, or packaging tapes. Use the non-sticky side to wrap towards your hand and have the adhesive side facing out. Brush your hand over the affected area to remove pet hairs effectively. Just remember that this method is not advisable for large areas and pieces of furniture such as your carpet and sofa. You will just end up getting tired using tapes or rollers.

3. Lint brush
Do you have a lint brush that you use to get rid of lint in your woven and wool jackets? If you do, then you can also use it to remove some pet hairs from your furniture pieces. Just be sure to use the lint brush by pulling it in one direction. Do not move the brush back and forth. When you do this, you are just allowing for the pet hairs to go back to your clothing. You can use lint brush on small furniture pieces at home such as your couches and chairs. For gaps in flat surfaces, you better not use this one but a vacuum cleaner or a tape instead.

While you can use the above three methods to remove pet hairs from your clothing, furniture, and carpets, it would be better if you find ways to avoid having to take care of these pet hairs. Make sure to train your pets to not run around your home and be shedding their hairs anywhere. It helps if you comb their hair regularly to prevent gradual hair loss.