Preparing to Feed the Newborn Cats

Ideally, kittens should be close and suckle from their mothers for up to eight weeks before being separated or adopted.For example, when saving a kitten, a dead cat, or a mother cat refuses her child. There are many things to consider if you have to feed the kittens. With careful consideration and preparation, you will feel calm and comfortable while feeding the kitten with a bottle. Your pet grows healthy and happy. Consult a veterinarian and visit a cat shelter around you to look for a host mother who can breastfeed a kitten. Milk from the mother is the best choice of baby animals. Before trying to give him formula in a bottle, you better look for a host lift that can replace the role of a dead parent or refuse a kitten to be their pets.

Beware! Even if you find a mother who wants to breastfeed, she does not necessarily want to accept a kitten. Always watch while the adult cat communicates with your kitten; there is a risk he will try to kill the kitten he refused. Try to disguise the new kitten’s smell. Sweep the fur of a sibling from the mother cat, then wipe your hand over the body of your kitten. This way you can move the smell of a biological parent of a cat to your kitten.