The Common Causes of Eye Infection in Lovebirds and Their Treatment

When it comes to birds, one of the most common and beloved species are the lovebirds. They are kept as pets across households and across the world. Not only are they active bird species but also, they are very beautiful to look at. Anyone who will be visiting any pet shop will surely be amazed by the charm and beauty that these creatures possess. If you will be keeping them as pets, you will only have to deal with a few problems during their lifetime. They are generally good breeders. As long as you keep them in favorable conditions, they can breed well and fast.

As mentioned above, there may be some problems that you will be facing as a bird owner if you must be taking care of such species of birds. One of the most common issues that lovebird owners have will be eye infection. When you buy a new lovebird and bring them at home, you may observe after a few days that their eyes get infected. Though this condition is common among lovebirds, it can be life-threatening if you will not be paying attention to it. This can also bring about a lot of headaches on the part of the lovebird owner. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can do to remedy this problem without being that much of a hassle on your part as well as your pet lovebirds.

Eye infection among lovebirds is usually common during the summertime in most countries. These include the months of April, May, June, and July. During these months, temperatures can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius and more. Usually, young birds are prone to suffering this kind of disease condition, most especially if you are purchasing new birds during the hot summer days and bringing them to your home. If you will not be paying any attention to the eye infection of your lovebirds and not getting them the kind of treatment that they deserve, they will just die eventually.

There are mixed opinions about the cause of eye infections among lovebirds. Different people always have different reasons regarding the cause of this particular problem. Some may say that they have been caused by certain viruses while some may say that they have been caused by climate changes. Some may even claim that mosquito bites have caused this particular condition. The more lovebird owners you meet, the more you will be getting different opinions about the cause of this condition.

Aside from the above possibilities of lovebirds getting eye infections. There is another reason why they get this condition, and that is when they suffer from some form of stress. If you will be exposing lovebirds to another cage or location, they often shy away and become stressed out. Once they become stressed out, they could get sick. With stress, their immune system weakens and in addition to the change in environment and hot weather conditions, their eyes become infected.

To avoid having your lovebirds suffer from eye infection, you should provide them a stress-free environment where they can relax. You should put their cages in a place where there are not a lot of disturbances on the part of the birds. Keep your bird cage away from other pets at home like dogs and cats. At night, be sure to cover their cage so they can sleep well and get lots of rest.

If, however, your lovebirds have already developed an eye infection, treatment them as soon as you can. See your vet. Usually, you will be advised to put a certain treatment medication on their eyes in the form of drops.