The Importance of Feeding Your Horse Natural Plant Minerals

Just like other animals, horses have certain requirements that must be met in order for them to remain healthy and happy. Aside from feeding them adequate food, you have to also feed them mineral supplements to improve their overall health and well-being. With how horses can benefit from mineral supplements, you see a number of these products in the market. However, to some horse owners, they found themselves disappointed knowing that most of these supplements are metallic in nature. This is why, today, some horse mineral suppliers make sure to take another approach and sell instead natural plant minerals. And this is a more sustainable and beneficial approach when it comes providing mineral supplements to your horse.

Feeding your house with something metallic is already a big turn off in itself. If you want something better for your horse, going natural is your best option. Currently, you see a lot of horse mineral supplement brands that are a hundred percent natural and plant-based. There are basically over 74 plant ingredients that have been found to keep horses both healthy and happy. You should be familiar with some of them while picking out premium horse natural plant mineral supplements.  Here are some of them:
• Age old healing plants and herbs
• Sea plants
• Kelp
• Biotin
• Colloidal minerals
• MSM Plant Sulphur
• Moringa powder
• Diatomite
• Clay calcium bentonite
• Clay dolomite

There are a lot of benefits to feeding your horses with all-natural plant minerals. For starters, they are better for the digestive system of your horse since they are easily absorbed than their metallic mineral counterpart. With how eating natural and healthy products help improve the health of humans, the same can be said for animals like horses.

Most people do not do well when they consume food rich in sugar and starch. These can often lead to the person to suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a risk factor for stroke and heart attack. When it comes to your horses, if there is way to feed them healthy and natural supplements, then it is a must that you should go for them. This option is so much better than feeding them unhealthy food rich in starch and sugar.

If humans are at risk of getting diabetes, the same can be said for your horses. Horses are never advised to have too much sugar on their diet as this will just lead them to suffer from insulin resistance and laminitis. As a horse owner, you must be sure to provide your horses with a well-balanced diet in order for them to stay healthy and be free from diseases such as those just mentioned.

Minerals are crucial to the overall health of your horse. And experts suggest that going for natural minerals for them is even better. Though horses cannot tell you exactly what it is they feel or what is bringing them discomfort and pain, they will be able to show these things to you by their behavioral, emotional, and physical well-being. If your horse will be acting uncharacteristically, it could mean that something is making them uncomfortable. Take cue in their behaviors and do something before worst things might happen to them. Again, well-balanced diet is necessary and the use of all-natural plant mineral supplements.