Top Pet Supplements to Give Your Dog and Their Recommended Dosage

One of the most common household pets are dogs. They have long been considered as man’s ultimate best friend. With such position in the lives of all dog owners, you can say that dogs are treated just like family. And being part of the family, they are just like any family member who also has their own needs and needs some caring and attention from the dog owner as well as from the other members of the family.

If you own a dog, you know how crucial it is to look after their health at all times. Unlike humans, animals have certain physiological structures that make them need particular nutrients that are not at all the same with their other animal counterparts as well as the human themselves. So that you can maintain the health of your dog at optimal levels, you have to be sure to provide them with their particular food and nutrient needs.

Just like humans, dogs can also benefit from nutritional supplements made just for them. You have technology and science to thank for these pet supplements. However, it is never enough to just let your dog consume expensive pet supplements. As a dog owner, you must have some idea about what recommended dosage of pet supplements you should be giving your dog in terms of their diet, breed, and age. Giving them excess amounts of pet supplements can also be bad for their health.

Below is a list of top pet supplements to give your dog and their recommended dosage.

• Fish oil: This pet supplement is known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They are crucial to you dog’s health so that they can have a better functioning heart, nervous system, as well as immune system. This pet supplement also helps in stopping inflammation such as allergies and arthritis. For puppies, they help in supporting proper brain development even while they are still fetuses as well. Fish oil comes in gel caps having 300 mg of combined EPA and DHA. For bigger dogs, you will be needing 890 mg of combined EPA and DHA in 1.5 grams of oil.

• Vitamin E: This pet supplement must be given to your dog in the right dosage for it to really benefit them. If your dog is healthy and consumes a fresh food diet, giving them 1-2 IUs of vitamin E per day is enough. If your dog is healthy but consumes kibbles like small dogs, then you can give them a higher dose of this pet supplement.

If your dog suffers from health problems that affect their immune system or any form of inflammation such as heart disease, kidney disease, skin problems, and the like, what follows are the recommended dosages per dog type and size. Bear in mind that these recommended dosages are highly advised for dogs that get high doses of vegetable oil, fish oil, or any polyunsaturated oils as well. For large dogs, give 3-4 IUs per pound of body weight, 3.5-4.5 IUs for medium sized dogs, and 5-7 IUs for smaller dogs.

• Digestive enzymes and probiotics: For healthy guts of your dogs, make sure to also give them daily doses of these supplements as per your veterinarian’s advice.