Train Your Pet Dog

Dogs should be trained to defecate outside the home and not inside the house. The easiest way to start this process is when the pets is small and easily affected, but larger dogs also need direction. Use the following ways to train your dog to relieve yourself in the area specified outside the home:

– Bring the dog out of the house several times a day, and stay with him until he can relieve himself. When he can do it, reward and reward the food.

– When the dog makes a move that indicates he wants to pee in the house, show the door and say “get out”, or lift it and bring it out. When he can relieve himself outdoors, reward him with food.

– Continue this every day until he starts going to the door when he wants to relieve himself. Give always a reward if he behaves well. Do not hit his butt or scold him while urinating inside the house; he will only learn to fear you.