What to Expect When You Get a Rabbit as Pet

Aside from the usual dogs and cats that you can get as your household pets, why not try taking care of a rabbit instead? There are actually a lot of home owners that prefer to get rabbits as their pets. If you are thinking of getting one, there are some important things that you ought to know about these furry pets.

There are actually a lot of reasons why some home owners prefer to have rabbits as their pet. To begin, they want to take care of pets that are cuddly and cute, and you can find these characteristics in rabbits. Also, they can also be as playful as a kitten or a puppy. However, there also come times that they show a lot of their mischievousness and curiousness. Most importantly, rabbits are known as creatures who just love to chew just about anything. If at home you are used to having strings and tassels that hang from your furniture and drapes and having your clothes left lying on the floor, then there is no doubt that you will find out what favorite past time your pet rabbit has. If you are thinking of having your rabbit as your house pet, then you should not just leave them alone inside of your home without your supervision. If it so happens that your appliances and computers at home are no longer working, try checking your electrical cords for any teeth-like marks. If there are any, then you know who the culprit is.

When it comes to preparing your home for your new pet rabbit, you should expect to be spending some of your money. You have to buy a cage or a hutch where you can keep them inside and out of trouble in case you cannot watch over them such as during the night. Your local pet stores will surely give you a wide range of housing options for your rabbit no matter what budget range you have. And yet, if you are good at handling tools, then you have the option to build the cage on your own. Just make sure not to use chicken wire or decide to have your slats put too close with each other. Any material will do for as long as it will not risk hurting your pet rabbit. Avoid keeping your rabbit inside of their cages for longer periods of time. They are sociable creatures and could easily get lonely.

Just like most pets, you can also expect to be spending for the normal health care of your pet rabbit. Treatment for fleas, vaccinations, neutering, and spaying are all options you can do for your pet rabbit. Make sure that you also consider monitoring for various health problems that are specific to rabbits that may be present in your pet rabbit.

Unlike dogs, rabbits are not keen at being held or be treated just like lap sitting animals. They are clean and quiet creatures and most of the time would just want to be left alone. Nevertheless, rabbits prefer to stay in large areas where they can free explore and move around. This area also gives them some room to exercise. For free access, make sure that their hutch or cage has a door. They will feel more comfortable if they have a safe place that they can go home to.