Why Children Growing Up With Pets Is a Good Idea

There are a number of benefits that your child can enjoy when you raise them together with a pet. This short article will give you a point by point discussion why children growing up with pets is a good idea.

1. Pets offer them constant companionship
There will come times in your child’s life that they will get lonely and bored. This scenario is usually expected when you are only raising one child. But then, if you have a pet around with your child, you allow them to have a constant companion in your house.

In terms of excitement and energy levels, pets are an exact match to those of your child. Adults are no match to the enthusiasm and energy of both a child and a dog. The pet can keep your child engaged and busy with them. The pet can serve as your child’s regular playmate without them getting bored.

2. Pets enhance the activity levels of your child
With the ever-increasing influence of technology in the form of tablets and smart phones in the life of your child, there is no doubt that most children of today are not as active as the children of the past. And yet, according to recent studies, children who have pet dogs exercise eleven minutes more in comparison to those who do not own any pet dogs.

Though eleven minutes might seem less, if you add this figure by weeks or months, you then realize how beneficial these minutes are. Pets such as dogs can really help your child in taking the extra mile and letting them be active most days of their lives.

3. Pets help make your child become responsible
Compared with children who do not have any pets, child pet owners have been shown to be more responsible. Having a pet around allows them to be on alert if their dog or cat is getting enough share of water or food. These children have also been shown to share what they have more with other children.

Children learn how to take accountability for someone else. This helps them become responsible adults when they grown up. They are fast learners and know that their pets are dependent on them. From that, a certain attachment develops.

4. Pets help grow empathetic children
Pets have bene shown to teach children how to be more kind and empathetic towards other people. Some children who have not tried growing up with pets tend to be more repulsive and cruel towards other people. On the other hand, children who have pets tend to care more for others.

The responsibilities that com along in owning a pet enhances their being accountable. Their self-esteem will also be enhanced. They grow up becoming more dependable than non-pet owners. When they learn how to keep track of their pet’s grooming and feeding routines, they also reflect it on their own routines.

5. Pets make children healthier
Owning a pet has also been shown to be beneficial to the health of the person as per recent studies. Babies who are raised near pets have been shown to not easily acquire diseases than those who are not. Pets such as dogs carry some microbes from outside of your home. When your baby is exposed to these microbes, their immunity increases.